5 Things That Wife Or Girlfriend Hide From Their Partner

5 Things That Wife Or Girlfriend Hide From Their Partner


In Indian marriages, we think that after marriage woman devotes herself to her husband and she never hides anything from him but that’s not true at all. Now the time has been changed and women hide so many things from their partner. We will reveal 5 major points that a girl or a wife will never reveal to her husband or boyfriend because maybe she feels scared to loose him or she thinks that it is not necessary to tell him everything.

1. Crush 

Before marriages and even after marriages women have the crush on someone. It can be an actor, singer or a nice person around him, but she never tells anything about him to his partner because she feels that it can be dangerous for their relationship because A men will never like that her wife or girlfriend has the crush on anyone. He starts feeling insecure.

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2. Wishes

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Some wishes or will that husband doesn’t like. Like wife wants to meet her mother but husband will not allow him so she kills her wishes and gives a fake smile. It is the duty of a husband to identify her fake smile and maintain an understanding. It will give long term result for a relationship.

3. First Love 

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A girl never reveals anything related to her love before marriage to her husband because it may cause problems in her present. He may start thinking about his physical relations with other person and it spoils a married life so she never discusses to her partner about her first love.

4. Savings 

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Normally wives never share their savings with their husbands. They take money silently from husband’s pocket and save them for their shopping. They never reveal this to their husbands because it may be possible he will take back all money. It happened in many Indian families during demonetization.

5. Immaturities on bed

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When a couple goes on a bed for fun, men always show hurry and immaturities and women never like that but she will never tell this. You have to understand this yourself/