How Charaters Of Shaktiman Looks Now?Geeta Vishwas Gone Hotter..

How Charaters Of Shaktiman Looks Now?Geeta Vishwas Gone Hotter..


Shaktiman is known as best tv show of 90s kids and it continuously played till 2014 on various channels DD1, star plus, star Utsav and pogo but the serial was actually made in 90s and the all actors and actress playing role in this serial have been totally changed. You will never a believer. Let’s check out some photos.

1. Shaktiman

Source: Midday

Mukesh Khanna who played the role of Shaktiman in serial. He was the ideal hero of that time for children. The audience was crazy to watch him, meet him wear his special suit. Mukesh Khanna did so many serials and ad films but now he is enjoying his personal life.

2. Geeta Vishwas

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The girlfriend of shakti man and journalist of shakti man serial Geeta Vishwas was also the popular character in shakti man. Her name is Vaishnavi Mahant. Vaishnavi is still working with daily serials successfully.

3. Mahaguru

Source: Hindustan Times

Tom alter is the famous actor of Indian Television industry. He worked as maha guru of Shakti man. Mahaguru was a powerful Suryan shi saint who created shakti man to encounter the Tamraj Kilvish. He worked as Jasmim’s father in the serial Hatim also. Tom alter did so many ad films and still running his career successfully.

4. Dr. Jaikol


Doctor Jaikol was a powerful well-minded scientist in Shakti man. Jaikol was a scientist who created so many hurdles for Shakti man. His real name is Lalit Parimoo and his name Jaikol is still famous among 90s kids.

5. Tamraj Kilvish


Tamraj Kilvish was the main villain of Shaktiman. He was the mentor of Dr. Jaikol and he wanted to rule the world by using his black power. This is how he looks now? He worked in some tv serials after ending of the show.