According Science This Is Perfet Age To Get Married

According Science This Is Perfet Age To Get Married


Marriage is the most precious moment of everyone’s life and we all want to make it as perfect as possible. Before This constitution came into existence.In Constitution minimum age for a girl is 18 and 21 for a boy to get married. Is it really perfect age? obviously no because science has no relation with the Constitution and it has some different views. According to science a girl should marry at 27 and a boy should at 28.Obvio.. You will ask for a reason because this is the much bigger number than the average age of marrying in India.

Actually, the Constitution decides the age of getting married according to physical maturity. Generally, a girl becomes physically mature at age of 18 and a boy becomes physically mature at the of 21 but science researchers are not based on only physical maturity but mental strength and maturity.

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In this society and situation, a person becomes mentally able to get married at 28 averagely, It is just a generally estimated figure based on surveys you can’t say that it is fixed age. There are so many things depend on the personal conditions and incidents faced by groom or bride so you can’t say that Yeah! 18 and 21 are the perfect or 28 is the perfect, but yes! 28 is much better than 21 because the person who is going to get married is not single now, His every action will affect his partner so mental maturity is equally necessary as physical maturity.

In early Times girls were forced to marry even before the age of physical maturity. Rajasthan and Gujarat have so many cases where girls get married at only 12-13. Now it’s time to aware the Indian society for a healthy relationship.