Bill Gates Is Not The The Richest Person Anymore, Now He Is..

Bill Gates Is Not The The Richest Person Anymore, Now He Is..


From last you be hearing that bill is the richest person but now it’s time to change your answers to GK question because he is not the richest person anymore. Jeff Bezos beats out the bill and became world’s richest person. Bill Gates estimated worth is $90.7 billion and Jeff Bezos beats him with his new figure $90.9 Billion. Everyone knows about bill gates, He is CEO of Microsoft and working brilliantly for information technology but still, Jeff isn’t common among Indians like Bill Gates so everyone is curious about him.

Jeff is CEO of Amazon. Well, You be unaware of his name but Amazon is the most popular online shopping brand in India. Amazon has 25+ products and services. Some of them are Amazon prime, Amazon web services, Amazon goes, Amazon prime, Retail goods, Amazon studio, Amazon web clouding, Amazon drive, Amazon supply, Amazon art, Amazon fresh and pantry, Amazon games, Amazon tickets and much more.

Source: Business Insider

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos himself in 1994. After a long journey and struggle of 23 years, he became the richest person in the world. Well, You favorite youth icon Mark Zuckerberg is also in the richest person’s list with worth $72.9 Billion.Amazon has invested a huge amount in India. They are working to make the world smarter and healthier. Amazon is working on hundreds of secret projects to reform the society, culture and all 206 nations.

Source: CNN Money

According to the report of the company, Amazon is getting 300 orders per second world wide it is really huge figure if you count it in hours. In India Amazon is currently offering Prime, electronics, and grocery in limited cities. Amazon India has planned to expand grocery services to more cities in coming months.