Wow! Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’s Happu Singh Looks Really Smart In...

Wow! Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’s Happu Singh Looks Really Smart In Real Life


Everyone loves to see the acting of Policeman Happu Singh in serial Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai. He is playing his character very well and everyone is loving that but have you ever thought that? how Happu Singh looks in reality? From which background he is? No, Because people just don’t give a shit but once you know a little about them then surely you gonna try to know more and the same thing is going to happen with the character of Happu Singh which is quite interesting. Actually, his real name is Yogesh Tripathi.

Yogesh is basically from Uttar Pradesh and he is playing the role of happy Singh which is closely related to his area’s tongue and culture so It is really easy for him to play this role. We can show it’s effect in his fluency of playing the role of policeman Happu Singh.

Source: Youtube

In early days he worked at theatres and improved his drama art. Many people with who he worked say that Yogesh Tripathi is so hard working actor and he does right judgment with his character. He came to Mumbai without any high contacts. Yogesh continuously gave interviews for advertising films and finally, he got selected for chlormint adverttisement. It was turning point of Yogesh’s life and he grabbed this. Yogesh continuously did 48 ad films and after that he got an offer to work in FIR serial. He did it and now it was time for Bhabi ji Ghar par hai. He accepted Happu Singh’s role and played it beautifully.


All credit to make this character so much popular goes to Yogesh Tripathi. Yogesh Tripathi has more offers from the entertainemt world in pending but right now he is just in love with the character with Happu Singh.