User Posted Meme On Shirley Sethia’s Figure Gone Viral, Turned Into War

User Posted Meme On Shirley Sethia’s Figure Gone Viral, Turned Into War


Shirley Setia is well-known youtube professional singer. She has 1.4m subscribers on youtube and 3.2m fans on Facebook. Shirley always tries to stay away from controversies but if you’re a star you can’t keep yourself from getting trolled anywhere without any reason and the same thing is happening here. Here is a meme of Shirley posted by a Facebook user shivank Gupta. He tried to make fun of her b**s and fans started a war against him in the comment box.

Source: Facebook Snapshot

This Image was posted on the page of Shirley Setia just 22 hours ago and it got 481 reactions. 197 comments and 2 shares, generally nobody gets this kind of virality on posting the pic on someone’s page but this pic has the grand response. Well if we talk about reaction of other users, Let’s take a look

Devesh Chahar, Little Fan of Shirley Sethia and you can find him on almost each post of Shirley.

Another Guy Asking his friends to report and remove this page.He seems to be the great fan of her.

Found Lots of people Laughing too, Well they are the highly attached part of meme community who enjoys every troll.

It’s been more than 22 hours and Shirley’s Page admins have no idea what is going on here. She has India’s highest growing youtube singer channel and right now woking with T series. Shirley has also worked with coke studio.