Ater Launch of Jio Telecom industry is going through a big revolution, The same revolution was given by reliance 15 years ago by making incoming calls free and now you can see what Ambani group did, but the next thing we are going to see is the cheapest internet service of the world is coming in India. Let me introduce you to the mobile company ‘Datawind’ Datawind is a mobile manufacturer e company of Canada. Datawind wants to entry in the telecom industry and they chose India to do this. Datawind has already applied for telecom license in India and hopefully, it can be approved within a few months.

       Me Dunga Sabse Sasta Net

How data wind will give internet service at just rupees 200 yearly and when it will be available for us? Everything you want to know about this?

Datawind Claims that we will offer the internet at just 200 rupees yearly. Still, they didn’t reveal the secret that how will they do this? But if data wind do this, it will be a telecom boom in India where the internet will be almost free. This company has planned to invest 100 crores initially in the market and in the first stage they will tie up with another Indian telecom companies to provide their cheaper service and once it the company establishes the business, It will start building infrastructure here and will provide services like Vodafone is providing nowadays. Well, it is not easy to compete with other companies like jio because reliance has spent 8 thousand crores on Jio to place it in the market and there is no value of 100 core in front of 8 thousand crore and high valued telecom companies, What can we do? We can just wait for the launch of this service.

Ye Sab Farzi Hai .. Jio Prime Lo
 Ye Sab Farzi Hai ..
                                     Jio Prime Lo

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