may be sending private pics on what’s app is a common thing. People who do we trust they maybe male or female, we do not hesitate if they are trustworthy, but asking someone for the pics which he or she does not want to share can create too much drama. One What’s app chat Is going viral these days and this is epic. In the chat boy asked the girl “What are you doing?” girl simply replied taking bath. After that what happened? This is totally unbelievable

After seeing that pic boy said bye and left the chat, now I think your curiosity to see that image is at its peak but let me tell you, this is not a created chat this is hundred percent real.




It is that pic, boy finds it so horrible and left the conversation. Absolutely nobody can stay there after seeing this. This photo has gone viral. Photo uploaded on a page was shared 1 million times and people found it hilarious. Yes, it is funny for others but what about that guy whom this was sent? Really sympathy for him.


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