Scientists Develop A USB Drive That Detects HIV In Human Blood


The scientists at the Imperial College London and DNA Electronics have created a scientific USB Flash Drive that can be connected to the computer to find out the HIV test results.

Scientists are still working to locate the cure for this incurable disease, but any step towards finding something helpful about HIV feels like achieving the milestone, and they’ve certainly made one.

It could help in self-monitoring of HIV levels.


Reports say, this device works with 95 percent of accuracy and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to find out the results of this test.

Tech company DNA Electronics and Scientist from Imperial College created this tiny device.

HIV treatment

The device is very easy to use and works with very simple formula. Especially, if you’re aware of the tool that’s used to measure pregnancy at home? It’s quite similar to that. It’s just that this device uses a drop of the blood of the individual who wants to check the result.

 How does it work?


Well, it’s easy. All you need to do is, put a drop of blood on the stick. It will change the acidity level of the metal that is attached to the scientific USB drive, which turns into an electrical sign. It can then be connected to a PC or other handheld device to find out the results.

 Sample test results!


The drive was tested many times before announcing it’s invention in the market. More than 1000 of samples were taken and tested. The drive used an average of 21 minutes to give the results with more than 90% or accuracy level.


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