Your Friend May Beat You Because Of Jio Sim

Your Friend May Beat You Because Of Jio Sim

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Here is a warning for you if you are Jio user.

Reliance Jio is the most popular telecom network nowadays and it is providing unlimited 4G internet and free calling.

Jio is the strongest wave ever seen in telecom industry

We have personally tested this experiment on 12 Jio users in a hostel and we got really shocking results.

It is natural when a friend/relative/neighbor buys a Jio sim card. He meets a lot of people who ask him to turn on the hotspot and usually, he doesn’t take it so seriously and turn it on because it’s free but do you know denying a friend from turning on the hotspot of your Jio mobile can be so dangerous.

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Psychology is not understandable for a friend that he has not right to use that Hotspot but according to the mentality of a person who couldn’t get a Jio sim card, It is absolutely free and unlimited then why is he denying to turn it on?

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