Story Of Karva Chauth Will Amaze You

Story Of Karva Chauth Will Amaze You

Karva chauth story

Today We Will Talk About Karva Chauth Gifts and It’s amazing story.

First of all being an Indian, we should know why Indian women celebrate Karva Chauth? What is the story behind Karva Chauth and special gifts for the wife on Karva Chauth

 Story Of Karva Chauth

bollywood stars celebrating karva chauth

Once upon a time there was a businessman in a village. He had 6 sons and 1 daughter. The name of a daughter was Karva. She was the most lovable family member. A Day she kept fast for her husband. She told her family members that she will not have food until the moon appears in the sky. Karva had 6 brothers. They Started worrying about Karva’s brother. Smallest brother made a fake moon and kept near a tree and told Karva that now she can have food. Karva started eating food and after some hours she got news that her husband is no more.

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