Identify Real Facebook Profile Easily

Identify Real Facebook Profile Easily

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Facebook is world’s largest social media platform and we all love to enjoy it . We found different types of way to enjoy it . But some elements try to enjoy it in other ways .

They create facebook of a girl . Flirt with boys get free recharges and make people fool .This is really so difficult to identify the real account among fake accounts . So where should I go ? I can’t leave social media because i love it .

We are sharing some tips with you so you can identify fake profiles on facebook easily and can go for the original .

Check her Profile Photos

profile pic

Check her profile photos, This folder should contain at least 4-5 photos without any privacy .If she has downloaded pictures of the girl from google images or any other website .It may be a fake account .

Check her Mobile uploads/Timeline photos


Check briefly folders of mobile uploads and timeline photos . Check is she uploading photos regularly . The older photos you try to see more picture of that account will be clear .

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