Side Effects of Selfie

Side Effects of Selfie

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Mobile Phones are now an important part of your life . You can see so many youngsters who are totally in control of their mobile phones . Everyone has different interest ,Maybe you are fond of Gaming and your friend loves social media (Facebook, Twitter) but if you are being addicted to any interest It may cause many disorders .



Selfie Disorder is one of them . Generally, If a person takes more than 6 selfies in a day he is in addiction . Mobile phones with high megapixel cameras are now easily available in reasonable rates so everyone is now enjoying their selfies but in enjoyment, they forget they are being addicted to this habit and now they are trapped by a disease called selfie disorder .


Let’s discuss side effects of selfie

It destroys reality

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Selfie creates a hypothetical mindset . A person tries to show himself more attractive and smart . He wants to hide the reality which he does not want to show to the world . He hides background , He fill effects and change himself totally in a photo and feel happy to see him in that beautifully edited look but it is not reality . Selfie addiction is destroying your reality .


It will make you addicted – Taking more than 6-7 selfies in a day without any reason are symptoms of selfie disorder . Try to control it before it takes you in control .

How can a selfie be a reason of privacy risk ?

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