How World Will Look in 2050? Future Tech

How World Will Look in 2050? Future Tech

future tech

Human always loves to see his future and it is in his nature . He does imagination about his future  . He maybe thinking about his job, or his wife and children . Everyone has different imagination .

We will share some amazing photos too.You can feel the upcoming technology with these Photos .

If we want to see our future we need to analyse recent technology invented by our scientists and engineers .These two professions play most important to improve human life .


Transport in 2050

drones for commercial purpose

Drones have already taken their place in our but still it is only used in commercial work. USA,China,Mexico,China,India are doing Commerical use of drones in industries but using it in transport is not possible due to the security issue . it will take some time .

A normal man will be able to use drone taxi to travel . Simply by using an app a drone will appear to serve you .

How Restaurants will look in future ?

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