Airtel Offers Unlimited Data Plans Against Jio

Airtel Offers Unlimited Data Plans Against Jio

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As expected ,

airtel has jumped in the war of cheap data packs and telecommunication . It was necessary to prove the existence of the company . Either prove yourself or leave the market . Airtel has taken an initiative in this matter which is shocking for all telecommunication companies . It will probably affect the popularity of Jio who started this competition .

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Reliance communication is offering  unlimited 4G data plan and calling at zero cost. First It was available only for LYF mobile users but after seeing its popularity Jio was launched for all 4G LTE handset . It affected the market value of airtel,idea and all other telecommunication companies .

Now It was time for a strong reply and airtel made it . It is totally unbelievable for other companies that airtel will do this not even market experts could believe on this offer.

So let’s Come to the topic, What is the plan ?

Some elements are spreading that it will be also free but it is not true .

Your need to  pay a little amount for that it is too much less than other data plans of airtel .

On latest press release airtel released airtel announced all plans .

Price is totally unbelievable . Go to next page to know more…