Just Follow These Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Android Phone

Just Follow These Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Android Phone


Android is the best gift to 21st century by google .

Android has changed the way of using mobile and You really can’t find most affordable and the realiable operating system like Android .but there is a little problem with android mobile phones .

android phone

The sometimes slow speed of android phones  irritate too much and we all hate it . It mostly depends on hardware quality of mobile phones  how much capable your phone is ?

But you can easily maintain your android smartphone using these simple tricks and trust me it really works .

Other Tech experts tell too much-complicated types of solutions which are not understandable for all .

We are sharing some very simple knowledge of your android device.

So what you have to do ?

Identify the problem

Low storage – Go to your settings and check your storage status first . Check how many phones storage is empty ? generally android phones start getting slow after  filling 80 percent storage .  Check at least 20-25 percent storge is free .

low storage

Background process – If you are operating apps in the background more than your phone can handle it may be the reason of slow speed of your android smartphone .

back apps

RAM – Using more apps than your phone’s ability can be also a reason of Slow speed of your mobile device .


These are most common reasons which May hang up your android phone .

Just fix these issues and enjoy the real speed of android .

How to fix ?

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