These Photos Of Pakistan Will Make You Laugh

These Photos Of Pakistan Will Make You Laugh


Pakistan spends his most of budget of defence and army . With this attitude a country can destroy, it’s economy and wealth. Same is happening with this country .

In each sector, Pak is going down day by day. Managing a small country with the good amount of natural resources is so easy we can see so many examples of these type of countries .

But with negative attitude Pakistan government has destroyed their total wealth and peace . Now Pakis are going from an era which was totally unexpected in 1947 when Pakistan was born .

We are sharing some pictures of Pakistan .

These pictures will give you a huge dose of laughter .

Nawaz sharif in UN

This picture is telling reputation of Pakistan on an international forum . PM Nawaz sharif was raising the issue of Kashmir in UN. But You can see nobody was interested in his talks .

even you have to find people using the microscope in the hall .

Reality of railway
Reality of railway

Pakistan is not able to buy more petrol and diesel . The USA helped this failed state a lot and tried to save the economy of a nation but with negative attitude of Pak government, it couldn’t happen . Pakistan railway is well known for being late always .

What’s going on?

Totally unpredictable things happen is Pakistan. They are treating truck like a horse

Plane on road
Plane on road

OMG ! a Planned on the road ? I have never seen a plane on road man. Actually, they can give excuse ‘Our Airports are destroyed in Drones bombing of US army ‘


Bhaiya Petrol daal dena
Bhaiya Petrol daal data

Pakis per capita income is getting worse day by day. Pakis are loosing their capacity to buy expensive vehicles . This pic is explaining that situation of Pakistan .