10 things that prove Narendra Modi a Rockstar

10 things that prove Narendra Modi a Rockstar

Modi With Huge Jackman

“Happy birthday to Narendra Modi Ji”

Today is our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birth anniversary. Two years back when he took up the role of the leader of the country, everyone around the world was looking at him as an idol and a perfect ruler and he proved just same. His determination and policies made him a hero in everybody’s life.

He is still a legend among teenagers and even adults. Narendra Modi proved that a politician can work without being involved in corrupt activities. In these past two years, he has done anything and everything that a Prime Minister can do for his country and people.

But as usual, people have to criticize him. Where the majority of the country is appreciating his work there are other people and opposition parties who never miss a chance to slay an arrow at him. And surprisingly he is first Prime Minister who is being criticized for hard work.

He has made many foreign tours not because he wanted to travel around but because he was trying to bring investments in the country. He was trying to cover the economical lose by bringing foreign investments and he did manage to change the scenario of India and globalization.

So today on his birthday let’s take a look at all the epic moments that proved that Narendra Modi is indeed a superstar.

1. Tech Savvy Prime Minister

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a tech Savvy PM. He loves to click selfies wherever he goes. He adapts the pop culture norms in his speeches and his social media presence is quite overwhelming. Also, Modi Ji’s digital India initiative will surely bring a revolution in the country.

2. Popular in powerful countries

Anadolu_25012015_Obama_10Everyone welcomed Modi Ji in America like a superstar. The stretch of his popularity leaves everyone shocked. TIME Magazine declared Mr Modi as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world.

3. ‘It took us only Rs. 7 per km to reach mars’

31Modi Ji delivered a thrilling speech in Madison square, America. Everyone welcomed him as a superstar in the USA. In his speech, he told that “It takes Rs. 10 per km in Ahmedabad by auto-rickshaw, but it took only Rs. 7 per km to reach Mars.”

4. Mann ki Baat

4Narendra Modi is a very proactive and dedicated Prime Minister. Once every month, he connects with the masses with his ‘Mann ki Baat’ initiative and gives us an idea of all the upcoming schemes and new initiatives by the Government.

5. Tea talks with President of the USA

He was snapped having a chit chat with President Obama over a cup of tea. They both were seen cracking jokes and laughing hard.

6. Presidentship in BRICS

6India plays a very significant role in the establishment of BRICS bank and due to PM’s unique vision, India attained the presidentship of BRICS for the first five years. This will help to shape the emerging economies.