NASA offers 18 Thousand Dollars for Bed Rest

NASA offers 18 Thousand Dollars for Bed Rest


It is really surprising news for you, but everything is possible in this world especially in the techno world.

We are hearing from our child age “Oh son oh daughter focus on your studies, do hard work if you want to earn a lot of money” and we take it so seriously we do studies and struggle for a job but what is going on here man?


Why is NASA offering 18 thousand dollars (12 lac rupees) just for bed rest?

But this news is going to shock you because it is opposite than you heard from a long time.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is offering 12 lac rupees for taking bed rest.

You just need to sleep continuously in bed for 70 days.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is world’s largest space agency of USA.


It researches in air and space. NASA was established in 1958. It is managed by Government of USA.

So let’s come to the point

Why is NASA offering huge amount just for bed rest?

Actually, it is not an easy task.

You just need to take rest on bed but that is not a simple bed.

Astronauts of NASA spend their much time in microgravity and it is very difficult to survive in that condition. In microgravity astronauts feel totally weightless.

NASA conducts studies to make sure about conditions.

Which astronauts are going to face. NASA takes applications as a volunteer for series bed studies. When a person selected for this he just needs to take rest for 70 days laying on a bed.

NASA scientists ask to change positions continuously for experiments.

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