UGC released Ragging statics, Read Laws against ragging

UGC released Ragging statics, Read Laws against ragging


Ragging is a dangerous and frustrating problem not only for student, but for our society and country also. It can spoil future of a student or it can be reason of something unexpected. Why colleges are trying to hide the reality of their campuses and hostels, because it is not good for their prestige, but what about future of students?

University Grants Commission(UGC) released some statics of ragging and you will be shocked to know most of ragging cases are from those states where ragging is strictly prohibited.


Last Seven years data released By UGC

Uttar pradesh  – 642

West Bengal – 443

Madhya Pradesh – 381

Odisha  – 319

Maharashtra – 200

Tamil Nadu – 199

Bihar – 184

Rajasthan – 181

Kerela – 157

Karnataka – 141

If You calculate total of ragging victim students It is 2847 according to UGC. Just because of careless attitude of college administration future of approx. 3000 students has been spoiled. And this is just an official number we can’t imagine how many student are suffering from this. They can be in thousands or in lacs, nobody knows.

A student takes admission in college with his ambitions to fulfil his dreams and when he see all this drama it breaks him from inside. We need to raise voice for them because they are future of our country. Maybe he is enough talented to be Next Birla, Tendulkar or Amitabh and just because of ragging we can’t lose them.

These statics are monstrous. I request you to read them again and think about future of those students. It could be you or your relative also.

According to Kerala Prohibition of ragging act 1998 Ragging is “Teasing, abusing, playing, practical jokes or causing hurt or asking student to do an act which he is unwilling to do.”    ( Source : internet)

We have enough rules and laws to prevent ragging but students are not aware of them. If college administrations take a step to prevent this disease, we can easily stop it. If someone tries to take your ragging or your classmates’?

What will you do?


3 idiots ragging scene

No need not be afraid of them. Constitution has given you enough rights to raise your voice against ragging in college campus or hostel.

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