Future : Pizza Delivery By Drones

Future : Pizza Delivery By Drones


Drones are one of best inventions of 21st Century .

Drone is not just modernization , it is symbol of of commercial status of a country.There was a time when drones were supposed to use only for Defense, but now time has changed.Everyone is excited to see drones in their daily life because it will make human life so easy and faster.

Government is also trying to put drones in Indian market but there are so many hurdles and a lot of danger by drones .

Drone is not a toy we need to regulate it before launch in commercial market .

Drones can be used for terrorist attacks in public places.

Drones can be used to spread virus by enemies.

Drones can leak private details, it is dangerous for national security.

It may be used for smuggling or any other crime.

There are a lot of problems in front of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to put Drones in our daily life.


Right now Only Police and Army is authorized to use drones for their work.

Indian army don’t use drones for attacks, but army is using drones to keep eyes on borders to keep us secure .

Indian police also uses drones to keep eye in public places and functions .

Indian police using Drone Source : CNN
Indian police using Drone
Source : CNN

A civilian is not fully authorized to use drones in public places .But if you are crazy about drones you need to follow the process

We are sharing the rules and regulations of DGCA with you

Drones can be used for Photography, Survey, Delivery and many more.

Rules a civilian must follow

Your drone must have an Unique identification number (UIN)

You must have permit to fly drone.

You have to fly drone above 200 feet.

Before flying drone you have to give application to authority and it must be approved.After all that you cannot fly drone in urban areas.Find a rural area and it should be in knowledge of local authority of that place.


Its really a long process and we can not imagine right now to get delivery of pizza by drones,

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