Lord Krishna is still among us , Here are proofs

Lord Krishna is still among us , Here are proofs


Nidhivan is the place where lord Krishna comes at night for raasleela .After evening prayer Hindu Priest closes the door of nidhivan and after that they allow nobody to enter inside .

They don’t want any type of disturbance in privacy of lord Krishna .


According to people of vrindavan Krishna comes every night at nidhivan from heaven and dances with Radha.Radha is closest lover of Lord Krishna.But they allow nobody to enter inside and see what is going on?

If someone breaks the rule he has to pay the price.

Hindu priest says who sees the dance of Lord Krishna, he can enjoy this just for a single time after that he becomes Crippled.Priest says who broke rule of nidhivan he became blind, deaf or mute.

There is one more interesting thing about raasleela,

After evening praying birds also start leaving the nidhivan.

There is no window in houses of vrindavan but nobody tries to see the nidhivan after evening.

Lord krishna gave message of peace and love to world through Bhagwad Geeta.

Bhagwat Geeta is holy book of Hindu religion .


You will  be shocked to know India’s prime minister believes in Bhagwat geeta so much .He gifted Geeta to so many world leaders. It show how much popular Bhagwat Geeta is in India.

World’s most popular actor Robert Downey Jr. is also follower of Lord Krishna .

Today is Krishna Janmashtami and we wish you all Happy Janmashtami .