Lord Krishna is still among us , Here are proofs

Lord Krishna is still among us , Here are proofs


According to Hindu mythology God is immortal 

Hindus mainly exist in India and Nepal. They are strictly religious to their customs and culture.

According to Hindu mythology Time is divided in 4 periods .

In Sanskrit language They call it – Satyug , Dwapar Yug , Treta Yug and Kaliyug .

According to Hindu’s religious books Lord Krishna was born in Dwapar Yug.

Hindus Believe that Krishna still exist among them in various faces and various places .

Krishna is called by so many names like Bal Gopal, Nand Lal, Murari etc.


It is said in Hindu religious books Krishna was born to Kill all monsters who were badgering peoples .

Krishna established a well settled and Hi Tech City Dwarka.

Dwarka city in hindu mythology
Dwarka city in hindu mythology

It is said when he went back to Heaven, he destroyed Dwarka and all his property to prevent misuse of all things by his Scion.Krishna is most popular god of Hindus, he looks cute in all the way he is described in books or paintings.

Let’s come to the point

Do really Krishna exist among us or it’s just a rumor ?

First we tried to reveal the truth about that Hi-Tech city established by Lord Krishna.

According to Hindu mythology Krishna was born in a village called Vrindavan.

Actually he was born in a prison of Mathura city.

He travelled to Vrindavan using his supernatural powers.When he became young he established A Hi Tech city called Dwarka.

When he left earth , Dwarka started drowning.Many researchers say they found parts of ruined buildings in Baith Dwarka under water.


But it doesn’t prove it’s relation with Dwarka city.

There is one more mystery these days about Lord Krishna.It’s about raasleela of Lord Krishna , Raasleela is a special word described in Bhagwad Geeta ,In raasleela Lord Krishna dances with their beloveds.

Krishna was fond of love, dance, romance and games.He started doing all these things when he was born.

In Hindu books it is mentioned Krishna loved to dance with Gopies (Gopies were girls of vrindavan )

People of Vrindavan say Lord Krishna is fond of dance, still he comes to dance and starts his raasleela with gopies  at  night .

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