Reliance Jio Available For All 4G Mobiles

Reliance Jio Available For All 4G Mobiles


Most exciting news of Tech World is right now here. And Guess what ?

Its Special Day too.First Web was launched today by Mr. Tim Berners  – Lee 25 years ago.And the most exciting news is Reliance is going to present 4G revolution in india .

Reliance Had launched 4G months ago but it was limited to some users.Only who bought LYF mobiles they could use Reliance 4G services.If someone wanted to enjoy speed of 4G He had to buy LYF mobile.

First Reliance was providing this service to only Reliance digital xpress , Reliance digital mini employees .After that reliance stared giving 4G sim cards with LYF mobiles.

LYF mobile range starts from 3000 rupees.



After that Reliance gave this privilege to Samsung users.If you are Samsung user. Reliance powers you to buy Jio sim and enjoy unlimited internet for 3 moths

Ya… You heard right With Reliance jio sim card You get 3 moths unlimited free 4G internet.

Those were days when LYF or Samsung users felt privileged but now its time for revolution.

Reliance has given this country so many gifts and this one is absolutely amazingReliance has opened open sell of Jio Sim cards .Now if you are have a 4G smartphone you can enjoy the fastest internet speed of india .


Yes , the privilege era of selected mobile users is on end now .You will be glad to know Reliance Digital stores are issuing jio sim cards for most 4G phones .

Not only sim card , You can enjoy Jio’s preview offer too.

This offer contains

Unlimited 4G internet for 3 months .

Unlimted Free calling .

Generally Reliance 4G network gives

50 MBps downloading speed and 35 mbps uploading speed .

You will just need to install Myjio App once on your Mobile phone .

Please make some space for this most awaited app if you are crazy about 4G speed .

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